Tor Beylikdüzü: Nature and City Life


The Harmony Between City and Nature

Profitable investment with this project that successfully blends nature and city life.

The Rising Star of Beylikdüzü

Beylikdüzü, the fastest-growing district with rising value, offers ideal living standards for families with its planned urbanization and large green areas while becoming the city’s hotspot with new investments and projects.

Enjoy sports and life

Tor Beylikdüzü offers not only a living space but also a quality lifestyle. In this lifestyle, you will get the value you deserve, the luxury you desire and the pleasure of a peaceful life to the fullest.

A large living area

Located on the connection point of the most important highways of Istanbul E5 and E6, Tor Beylikdüzü invites you to live a happy life that carries the values ​​of profit in investment, quality of life and continuity in service with its proximity to culture, shopping and commercial centers, parks and marina.

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